The 'AFSDB' Resource Record (RR) is standarized in RFC 1183 and defines a host that provides an AFS (Andrew File System) database service. The AFS system uses the DNS to map from a domain name to the name of an AFS cell database server. The DCE Naming service uses the DNS for a similar function: mapping from the domain name of a cell to authenticated name servers for that cell.


ID: 18 (0x0012)
Defining RFC: RFC 1183
Description: AFS Database Record
Function: Location of database servers of an AFS cell. This record is commonly used by AFS clients to contact AFS cells outside their local domain. A subtype of this record is used by the obsolete DCE/DFS file system.
Status: Active

'AFSDB' RR Syntax

name ttl class type rdata {subtype, hostname}

RR Field Example Description
name Blank Name - A record that has nothing in the 'name' field gets used for all requests being made to the base domain such as (Same as Parent)
ttl This is the records time to live value (in seconds). If there is no TTL specified, the zone's default $TTL Directive will be used.
type AFSDB Specifies the RDATA field will contain data in the AFSDB RDATA format.
class IN Specifies the class to be 'Internet'.
rdata subtype 1 1 or 2 depending on whether the endpoint is a AFS Volume Location Server or DCE Authentication Server.
rdata hostname srv1 The canonical hostname of the database itself.


Snippets from a fictitious forward lookup '' zone file

Typical 'AFSDB' Record Entries

;   Zone records
srv1 IN A

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